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Don’t simply rely on the demographic characteristics of your target audience. Instead, imagine what he/she is feeling at the precise time and place of the purchase decision so that marketing messages are not only relevant, but also complement the brand experience.

Cheech, Chong, a French-speaking German Shepherd, and magic brownies…

A unique spin on the FiberOne brand - not only incredibly original, but refreshingly hilarious as well


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What do consumers really mean when they “like” a brand? Does this mean that they are brand advocates? Or are they just using that like button as a means of self expression? Check out the latest article from eMarketer.


As many have discovered, Google+ buttons have been appearing in search results as well as on websites for quite some time now. I personally have enjoyed the convenience of aggregating all of the interesting things that I have come across on my profile and sharing them with those in my circles. It’s a really great way to find compelling content in all of the clutter in today’s digital world.

An article posted on AdAge today by Michael Learmonth details the latest with Google+: the addition of a social layer to display advertising.

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According to Jonathan Salem Baskin in his article on, it is increasingly difficult for CMOs to keep their jobs for more than three years. In addition, relative to those in other executive positions, a CMO is fired almost twice as often.

Baskin continues this train of thought by describing three potential causes: a strong focus on the bottom line, the inherent biases that arise from having a marketer’s perspective on the world, and the fact that everyone is a marketer by utilizing the internet and social media (thereby leading to a severe degradation of a marketing professional’s perceived value). How do we improve the job security of CMOs today?

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